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Cheap SR22 Insurance, FR44, SR50 and Non Owner Insurance!

Wessell Insurance Services, llc specializes in High Risk Auto Insurance.  We are focused on getting you the cheapest rate with the best coverage.  The SR22 certificate is required to get your driver's license reinstated when the state has mandated you carry the safety responsibility certificate of insurance.  We work with several different carriers to get you the cheapest SR22 Insurance quote.  Whether you need SR22, FR44, SR50 or non-owner insurance, we will issue your policy quickly and accurately so, you can get your driver's license back!   Request a Free Auto Owner's QuoteNon-Owners quote, or a FR44 Quote today.  We also provide quotes for standard auto, motorcycle, motor homes and commercial auto.

Who Needs SR22 Insurance?
  • If you have a DWI or DUI
  • Driving with invalid driver's license
  • If your license has been suspended
  • Guilty of major moving violations
  • High risk Driver's
  • Driving without insurance
  • Driver's with too many tickets

Types of SR22 Insurance: 

SR22 Certificate of Insurance - What is it?

When you are ordered to file an SR22 certificate of financial responsibility to get your license reinstated or to get a drivers license issued in another state, you will need to purchase an auto insurance policy or a non-owner (don't own a car) insurance policy.  On this policy, you will need to let the insurance company know that you need an SR-22, FR-44, or SR-50 filing added (depending on the state and violations) to the policy.  When this certificate of financial responsibility endorsement or rider, is added to the policy it lets the insurance company know that they need to monitor this policy.  What this means, is that the insurance company must notify the state that the policy holder has purchased and met the states mandated liability limits of coverage.  The carrier the policy is placed with must also legally inform the state if the policy lapses or cancels, this is called an SR26.  Find out more about what your state requires here.


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