Cheapest SR-22 Certificate of

Cheapest SR-22 for Car, Non owner and Motorcycle Insurance


If you have been ordered by your state to file a certificate of financial responsibility with your state to get your driver's license reinstated they will require SR-22 certificate of insurance form. The SR22 is an endorsement to an auto, non-owner or motorcycle insurance policy that allows the state to monitor your insurance policy and make sure it is active.  

An SR-22 filing by itself is not an insurance policy, but is proof that you have the state insurance limits to get your driver's license back and drive again.

If the insurance SR-22 policy lapses or cancels for any reason the insurance carrier will file an SR26 with the state and your license could be suspended again.

Who Needs an SR-22?

The financial responsibility requirement is issued to (but not limited to) drivers that commit violations such as:  DUI, DWI, driving without insurance,  accumulation of  too many points or failure to pay child support. When the state laws require SR-22 insurance requirement, it means they are willing to reinstate your driving privileges as long as proof of certificate of financial responsibility is on file. By securing insurance SR-22 with your state you will be in compliance with the law.

In addition to the financial responsibility filing, your state may require you to take a defensive driving class and pay a fine to get your drivers license reinstated.

How Long Do I Need The SR-22 Filing?

Most states that require a certificate of financial responsibility on an insurance policy have a two-three year requirement.  This time requirement varies by state and sometimes by violation, and is ultimately determined by the court.  

The policy can be changed, or replaced at any time, so long as there is no gap in coverage, and each policy is written by a company licensed to do business and maintain the SR-22 in that state. Your state will determine when this time frame starts. It could be from a number of dates; violation date, court date, SR22 acquisition date. Your state will dictate this and it is up to you to maintain it for the specified amount of time without any lapses or cancellations in coverage.

Types Of Insurance With an SR22 Endorsement

Policies that can be issued with a certificate of financial responsibility endorsement are as follows: auto / vehicle policy with liability only or full coverage, non owner auto policy, motorcycle policy with liability only or full coverage.  Each state and carrier vary on what they will issue with an endorsement and what they will accept.

Car Insurance SR-22 - covers one driver, and at least one owned vehicle that is registered in the insureds name with their state. This is a liability insurance policy similar to traditional auto policies, with the state legal liability limits with an SR-22 form endorsement. Other persons and vehicles can be included on this car insurance policy, full-coverage or liability-only.

Non Owner Insurance - does not give coverage to vehicles titled in the insureds name or cars that reside at the same address. A non owner insurance policy serves as secondary liability insurance and is only pulled from after the liability limits on the primary policy are exceeded.

Broad Form Insurance - gives liability only coverage to vehicles that the insured owns, but only while the named insured is driving them. Broad form coverage is an inexpensive option, but with limited coverage.

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