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Missouri DWI FAQ Should you agree to a breath test? This question is difficult to answer and greatly depends on your personal situation and how important driving is to your daily life.  A DWI is considered a criminal case by Missouri law and not agreeing to a breath test will automatically result in a one year license suspension. READ MORE >>

What are the Florida FR44 Insurance limits? When you are required by the state of Florida to have FR44 insurance due to driving under the influence (DUI), driving with a suspended license, or for any court order you must carry the highest liability insurance limits. READ MORE >>

DUI Insurance Explained What? Who? and When? do you need DUI insurance. What is DUI Insurance? DUI Insurance isn't an actual insurance policy, It is actually a rider or certificate attached to a standard auto insurance policy, that is sometimes called DUI insurance. READ MORE >>

Blood Alcohol Concentration - To High to Drive? To begin with, the definition of Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is the amount of alcohol that is in your blood stream when you are consuming alcohol.  The effects of alcohol on your BAC (blood alcohol concentration) can vary greatly from one person to the next. READ MORE >>

Ways to Save When Adding a Teen to Auto Insurance One thing you can count on 100% is that when you add a teen driver to you auto insurance policy, your premium will go up!  With that in mind, here are a few tips to keep that additional premium from breaking the bank:   READ MORE >>

The SR-22 insurance program continues throughout most states, as the only program that will release your drivers license, and keep it valid.  The choice is yours, comply with the state's demand for the SR22 endorsed auto insurance policy... or not.  The state will "out-wait" you and hold your license hostage. READ MORE >>

The SR22 insurance program has been around for decades, requiring certain drivers to participate.  If you have a DUI, driving without insurance ticket, or large number of violations over a period of time this will sound familiar..  "You need an SR22/FR44 to release your license" READ MORE >>

Here at Wessell Insurance we have literally placed over 5000 SR22 policies in 33 states over the past 10 years.  Many policies involved different state DMV offices other than the state the policy was placed in ( IE.. DUI whiile on vacation in FL, and lives in VA) READ MORE >>

Wessell Insurance is based in the state of MO, and we have been writing auto and home insurance here since 2005.  Sr22 insurance policies in Missouri is certainly our point of concentration.  More specifically, non-owner Missouri SR22 policies make up 80% of all auto policies sold here. READ MORE >>

Here at Wessell Insurance, we concentrate on SR22 insurance policies...  So what exactly is an SR22?  Simply put, an SR22  is an endorsement to an auto insurance policy that allows a state(s) to monitor the progress of that policy.  The deal you are entering into is simple... READ MORE >>

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