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  In Washington State, an SR22 is required to release your license and keep it valid once it is suspended for certain offenses.  A   traditional owners SR22, or auto broad-form SR22 will accomplish this, but these is another, cheaper way to comply with Washington’s SR22 requirement. READ MORE >>

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 If you have been ordered to file an SR22 to get your drivers license reinstated you will need to do so with or without owning a car.  As far as the state is concerned, they expect you to carry this extra insurance in the event that you are driving someone else's car and get into an accident. READ MORE >>

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The SR22/FR44 communication system is used by the DMV to track insurance policies of certain drivers. The driver that requires out of state SR22 insurance or an FR44 has several choices how the insurance can be applied, and is written to the limits of the state where the policy is based. READ MORE >>

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Wessell Insurance Services offers two types of auto insurance policies in MN.  The traditional auto owner policy, and the non-owner liability policy.  Both policies are written to state minimums (at least) and include PIP (Personal Injury Protection) for the insured. READ MORE >>

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Florida FR44 Coverage for Auto & Non-Owner To reinstate your drivers license in the state of Florida after receiving a DUI / DWI, you will be required to keep an FR44 financial responsibility form on file. READ MORE >>

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An SR22 is not an actual insurance policy but, an attachment to a liability insurance policy that allows the state to monitor the status of the policy.  Simply put, you need an SR22 in order to get your driver's license back but, you must maintain it for the entire time period required by the state or your license will be suspended again. READ MORE >>

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The state of Rhode Islands main DMV office is in Cranston, RI.  This is also the office that handles driver's license suspensions and license reinstatement for RI drivers. If you have been convicted of a alcohol related offense or driving under the influence of drugs, you driving privileges will be revoked. READ MORE >>

In all states that required the SR22/FR44 insurance monitoring system, questions always come up about applicable vehicles.  What if you need an SR22, but you don't own a car? (or motorcycle)  Simply put, a non-owner SR22 policy will take care of the state requirement, and release your l... READ MORE >>

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SR-22 Motorcycle Insurance Coverage SR-22 Motorcycle Insurance is one of the most economic ways to reinstate your driver's license.  If you are required to file an SR-22 CFR (Certificate of Financial Responsibility) form with your state, a motorcycle insurance policy with an SR-22 filing might be an option. READ MORE >>

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One question we receive daily is: Do I Still Need an SR-22 on file if I don't own a car?   And the answer is, Yes.  If your state is requiring you to carry an SR22 filing for a suspended license, DWI or to reinstate your license, than you are required to get this whether you have a vehicle or not. READ MORE >>

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