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The state of Virginia continues to require the SR22 and FR44 endorsements on certain individual's auto insurance policies.  The SR22 deals with common violations including (but not exclusive to) driving while suspended/revoked, accumulation of points, and no insurance tickets. READ MORE >>

If you need an SR-22 in Georgia, we can get you a free quote fast and easy.  You can call us at Wessell Insurance Services llc 866 663 7561 or visit We have knowledgeable agents who can answer all your questions who can provide you with prices. READ MORE >>

If you need an SR-22 or FR-44 filing, we can help.  Wessell Insurance Services are the SR22 specialist.  In minutes we can provide a quote, then upon down payment, we can start your policy and provide you a copy of SR22 or FR44 immediately.  We also will file with the state for you. READ MORE >>

Minnesota residents participating in the Diversion program need auto insurance to complete program.  Wessell insurance can help you fulfill your needs.  If you don't own a car, you can get a Non-Owner or Operators policy. READ MORE >>

You can get your sr22 or fr44 responsibility met today.  Here at Wessell Insurance Services we can get you a free quote and even file your sr-22 or fr-44  within minutes.  It is a very quick and simple process.  Just call 866 663 75461 or visit us at sr22-insurance-policies. READ MORE >>

An SR-22 can be filed in any state that requests one.  Regardless of which state your drivers license is issued.  Many agencies are unable to accommodate because they are only licensed in the state they are located.  Here at Wessell Insurance Services sr22-insurance-policies. READ MORE >>

You need an SR-22 or FR-44.  What should I do ?  First it's important to understand what it is.  The sr22 or fr44 are attachments to an auto insurance policy.  This attachment flags the policy in case the policy lapses or is cancelled, the insurance company must notify the state Department of Motor Vehicles or agency responsible. READ MORE >>

The Ignition Interlock Device (IID) is essentially a breathalyzer attached to the ignition of a vehicle.  They are usually only required for alcohol related offenses.  The driver must blow into the device in order to start the vehicle.  The IID measures Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC). READ MORE >>

North Carolina is unique with its state requirements for auto insurance.  In order to possess and maintain a valid drivers license in the state of North Carolina, a person must obtain and maintain at least state mandated minimum liability auto insdurance. READ MORE >>

Wessell Insurance Services,, is located in the greater St Louis area of OFallon in St Charles county MO.  We specialize in Auto insurance as well as Non-owner policies with or without SR22 filing. READ MORE >>

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