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There are many factors that affect how much you pay for auto insurance.  Location is the most influential, the zip code you live in has the most influence on price.  Your driving history is probably the second biggest factor, accidents, tickets, insurance claims and driving experience will change prices. READ MORE >>

If you are unable to pay your insurance bill, contact your insurance carrier.  There might be options to maintain your insurance and/or SR22 without lapse. READ MORE >>

North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey orders deferral of premium payments.  This is directed to help consumers affected by the Coronavirus (Covid-19) emergency. READ MORE >>

The SR22/FR44 is an attachment to an insurance policy.  It provides proof of insurance to the state.  If you don't own a vehicle you might still be required to maintain an SR22/FR44.  In these cases, a non-owner policy will meet financial respoinsibility required by the state. READ MORE >>

During this difficult time our priorities have shifted.  The coronavirus (also called covid-19) has affected the lives of millions of Americans.  We will recover, life will return to normal.  The big question is when.  SR22 and FR44  filings remain in effect as long as the auto or non-owner policies are maintained. READ MORE >>

We will remain open and available to our customers throughout these difficult times.  We encourage everyone to take precautions and stay safe.  We are optimistic that together this unprecedented pandemic of the coronavirus, also known as covid-19 will be controlled and American life as we know it will prevail. READ MORE >>

Approximately 13% of drivers are driving without insurance.  Most states have implemented financial responsibility laws ie… SR22, FR44, DL123 programs.  The problem lies in databases which aren't current and don't communicate between states. READ MORE >>

We get calls every day here at Wessell Insurance from people that need SR22 insurance for their license reinstatement...  Yet do not own a vehicle.  It is true that the SR22 insurance program needs to apply to a motor vehicle. READ MORE >>

I need SR22 but I don't have a vehicle.  No problem, we specialize in non-owner policies.  The non-owner auto policy covers you with liability only for vehicles you borrow or drive temporarily.  It is the lowest price option to file an SR22 and meet the state DMV financial responsibility requirements. READ MORE >>

North Carolina DL123 program requires everyone to acquire an auto insurance policy in order to get a state drivers license.  The driver is rated by driving experience regardless of age. READ MORE >>

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