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The state of Texas requires an SR-22 filing for anyone that has been convicted of a DUI/DWI or other court ordered violations.  Getting a SR22 can be overwhelming and very confusing, here's a list of common Texas SR-22 insurance questions to help you through the SR-22 maze:


What is Texas SR22 Insurance?
Texas SR22 insurance is a traditional auto insurance policy with an SR22 endorsement.  This means that a person requiring a Texas SR22 filing, must purchase an auto insurance policy with the Texas state legal liability limits.  This policy can be either an auto owners SR-22 insurance policy or a non-owner (do not own a car) SR-22 insurance policy.  This policy is issued with a TX SR22 financial responsibility certificate rider / endorsement.  A Texas SR22 certificate by itself is not an insurance policy, but proof that you have the legal liability limits required. The insurance company that issues the policy electronically files the SR22 with the state of TX.

Who Needs Texas SR22 Insurance?

When the state of Texas mandates that you carry an SR22 filing on your auto insurance policy it is for one of the following violations:
• Serious moving violations, ie… reckless driving, speeding
• Failure to provide valid proof on insurance or providing false documents
• Driving on suspended or revoked license
• Excessive tickets
• Unpaid legal judgements
• Failure to pay child support
• Habitual offender

What does SR22 Insurance Texas for an Auto Owner Cover?
SR22 Texas insurance gives the policy holder the state legal liability coverage, just like a traditional liability only auto policy.  This type of policy covers any damages caused to other vehicles by the policy holder in the event of an accident.  A TX SR22 filing can also be attached to a full coverage insurance policy, if additional insurance is purchased.

What does Texas SR-22 Non Owner Insurance Cover?
Texas SR-22 non owner insurance serves as a secondary liability insurance policy.  It does not cover vehicles owned by the policy holder or any vehicles owned by other people in the same household.  Claims on non owner insurance are only filed when the name insured has gotten into an accident and the limits on the auto policy have been exceeded.

What is Texas Broad Form Insurance?

Texas Broad Form Named Operator insurance is a liability only policy for owned and non owned vehicles by the policy holder.  Unlike most auto insurance coverage that is specific to a particular vehicle, Broad Form Named Operator is specific to an individual.  What this means, is that any vehicle that the name insured owns automatically has the TX state legal liability limits.  You can own one auto or four, the price remains the same.   In addition, Texas Broad Form insurance also gives the name insured non owner liability insurance coverage.

What Does Texas Broad Form Named Operator Insurance Cover?
One reason TX Broad Form Operator only insurance is so reasonable, is because it is for liability coverage only for the name insured.  Broad Form Named Operator Coverage meets the state of TX insurance requirement by covering bodily injury or property damage you cause to others while YOU, and ONLY YOU, are driving a car, whether you own the car or not.  Understand that Broad Form Insurance gives no coverage to fix the car you own or a car you are borrowing in the event you are in an accident.  This type of policy does not even offer the option of adding comprehensive and collision coverage.  Texas Broad Form insurance is good for the single individual who lives alone and does not lend out his/her vehicles.  If someone purchases a Broad Form policy and lets a friend drive his car and the person gets in an accident the claim will be denied and you and the driver will be liable.

I Need a TX SR-22 But I Live In Another State?
If the state of TX is requiring an SR22 filing and you currently live in another state you need a cross state lines filing.  This type of SR-22 insurance filing originates in the state where the individual is currently living with an endorsement for an SR22 to be filed in a different state.  Typically, a cross state lines filing is done with a non owner policy.  Not all insurance companies are licensed to do this type of filing, but Wessell Insurance Services llc is licensed to do this with several states. Call 1-866-663-7561 for a cross state lines filing.

How Quickly Can I Get my Texas SR-22 Insurance Filing?
Wessell Insurance Services llc can issue your SR22 filing the same day you purchase your policy.  We provide you with the insurance policy, the Texas SR22 financial responsibility certificate and do an electronic filing of the SR22 with the state of TX.  Call 1-866-663-7561 To Get Your Texas SR22 Quote or request online quote.

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