Florida Insurance Requirements with FR44 Florida FR44

If convicted of a Florida DUI (driving under the influence), you will receive a notice that your driver's license is suspended and that you are required to have a Florida FR44 on file prior to getting your license back. You will need to purchase an FR44 policy with the highest liability limits of $100/$300/$50 for bodily injury and property damage.  The FR44 is electronically filed by the insurance company with the state and serves as proof that you have purchased the mandated Florida DUI coverage.


After the DUI offense you are required to carry the FR44 for three consecutive years. If the FR44 insurance policy cancels or lapses for any reason during the three years the insurance company will notify the sate and your driver's license will be suspended immediately. 

FR44 Without a Car

f you have been convicted of a DUI and are required to file the FR44 form, but do not own a car, you will need to obtain a non owner FR44 insurance policy. The non owner FR44 policy will also need to meet the liability limits of 100/300/50 to comply with the requirements for license reinstatement.

Florida SR22 or FR44


The SR22 and FR44 (sr44) form serve as proof to the state that you have purchased the mandatory liability insurance to get your driver's license reinstated. The main difference is the amount of liability insurance coverage required.

The Florida SR22 form is required for three years following being convicted of too many points on license, habitual traffic offender, at fault accident, or were the owner or operator of a vehicle involved in an accident that resulted in injuries and you did not have BIL insurance coverage at the time. Typically, the liability limits of 10/10/30 are required for an SR22.

FR-44 Requirements

The FR44 form, as stated above, requires the highest liability limits of 100/300/50. These limits are to protect the well fare of the general public in the event you drink and drive again. The increased liability limits must be maintained for a continuous three years with no exceptions, regardless of if you own a vehicle or not.

You can check the status of your FL license here.

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