Need SR22 insurance, but don't own a car?  Non Owners insurance

If you need SR-22 insurance to get your license reinstated, but you don't own a car, you need a Non owner SR22 insurance policy.

Non-Owner, also called non-owners auto and operator only insurance, is a liability only policy that covers drivers when driving other people's vehicles. The SR22 requirement can be met with a operator only insurance policy. The non-owner policy covers damages to others in the event of an accident caused by the non car owner.

This is a secondary ins coverage that is pulled from when the liability limits on the vehicle policy, being driven by the named insured, have exceeded.

Who Needs Non-Owner Ins?
Non owned insurance is for people that do not own their own car and occasionally borrow someone else's car.  Or for those that have an SR22 requirement for driver's license reinstatement, but do not own a car. 

What is the Cost of Non-Owner Ins?

Non-owner rates are determined the same way a regular auto rate is determined. Insurance rates take into account your zip code, age, gender, married/single, motor vehicle record (mvr), and sometimes your credit report.  The cost of auto coverage can vary greatly based on these different factors.  Please give our office a call today to get a non-owner insurance quote or to get more information.

What doesn't Non-Owner Ins cover?

Non-Owner Car Insurance does not cover rental cars or any vehicle owned by the insured.  It does not provide coverage to any vehicle that is registered to the same address as the policy holder.  It is also limited to liability only coverage.  Comprehensive and collision coverage are not applicable.  We have a reputation for excellent non-owners rates and customer service, please call today for the cheapest non-owners quote.

Can I get an sr22 on a Non-Owner insurance policy?

Yes, you can get a sr22 certificate of financial responsibility on an operators only policy.  Frequently, it is the most economic way to get your drivers license reinstated.

Non-Owner Insurance Can also be Referred To As: no car auto, no car sr22, sr-22 no car, and operator only coverage.

We offer operator only / SR22 Non-Owner Insurance in the following states:

North Carolina
Ohio 2
South Carolina  

If you are in need of a non-owners policy please call 1-866-663-7561 or fill out a quote request.

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