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Don't own a car, but need SR-22 Insurance or need an out of state filing? No problem, we can help with Driver's License Reinstatement and DUI Insurance.


The SR22 insurance document is filed by a licensed insurance provider in the state of Idaho. The SR22 document serves as proof of financial responsibility to the Idaho DOT. This process will reinstate your suspended drivers license with the Department of Transportation (DOT) in Boise and allow you to restore your driving privileges and reinstate your driver's license.

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Idaho certificate of insurance can be submitted on two types of policies:

  1. Owner policy - which is a standard auto insurance policy that covers a driver on their own personal vehicle with an SR22 financial responsibility endorsement.
  2. Non-owner or Operator policy - is an auto insurance policy which covers a driver for vehicles that they don’t own. A driver who does not have a vehicle registered to their name may purchase a non-owner policy. Non-owner insurance policies cost far less and carry significantly lower premiums, while still meeting the SR22 requirement.

SR22s are required for the following violations:


  • serious moving violations, ie… reckless driving, speeding
  • failure to provide valid proof of insurance or providing false documents
  • driving on suspended or revoked licens
  • excessive tickets
  • unpaid legal judgments
  • failure to pay child support

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Top 10 Drunkest Cities In Idaho

  1. Sandpoint population: 7,397, Bars per capita 1st in the state.
  2. Coeur d'Alene population: 44,426, Bars per capita 13th in the state.
  3. Boise population: 214,237, Bars per capita 26th in the state.
  4. Lewiston population: 31,862, Bars per capita 5th in the state.
  5. Pocatello population: 54,145, Bars per capita 9th in state.
  6. Idaho Falls population: 57,021, Bars per capita 4th in state.
  7. Nampa population: 81,867, Bars per capita 15th in state.
  8. Garden City population: 11,095, Bars per capita 2nd in state.
  9. Moscow population: 23,866, Bars per capita 3rd in state.
  10. Hailey population: 7,905, Bars per capita 2nd in state.
*Information Source: RoadSnacks, Author Bud Tapman


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