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The state of Iowa has participated in the SR22 monitored insurance program for several years now.  In order to reinstate a suspended/revoked IA drivers license, you must take out and maintain a liability auto insurance policy.  The auto policy must be written to (at least) state minimum limits, with or without a vehicle. READ MORE >>

The Florida FR44 system has been in place for a few years now, and there are no signs of changing the requirements.  The state of FL requires an offender to hold a liability auto policy (with or without a vehicle) with limits of 100/300/50.  100 thousand per person, 300 thousand per accident, and 50 thousand in property damage. READ MORE >>

At Wessell Insurance, we have been selling auto insurance with and without SR22 endorsements for 9 years now.   The exact definition of an SR22 is not correctly explained on many DMV websites, or requirement letters.  Part of the process here is to make sure the driver understands exactly what the state is looking for, and the various ways to get compliant. READ MORE >>

In our home state of Missouri, we continue to help suspended drivers get back on the road.. As. We have for the. Past 10 years.  Like all other SR22/FR44 participating states, there are 3 insurance options in MO to comply with the DMV.  When we get a call the first question we ask is always. READ MORE >>

If you have been told you need to maintain SR22 in the state of Nevada, you have choices.  The traditional owner's SR22 can insure either autos, or motorcycles/scooters.  For years, the only other option in NV was a non-owner SR22 (named-operator SR22) Through the years, we have written hundreds of non-owner SR22s in NV. READ MORE >>

The "Volunteer" state, as most other states.. require an SR22 endorsed auto policy to release a suspended TN drivers license.  As well, an SR22 will be required to release holds by the state of TN on another state license. READ MORE >>

The state of CA continues to require SR22 endorsed insurance policies for release of a suspended license.  An SR22 can be written with a traditional auto, a motorcycle/scooter, or as a non-owner (non-owner SR22).  Either of these policies will release your license and keep it valid, so deciding which policy is most correct for your current situation is where we come in. READ MORE >>

The state of Ohio has been actively using the SR22 insurance monitoring system for drivers that incur certain violations within the state (regardless where you live, or where you are licensed)  Normally these violation include (but not limited to..) DUI, refusal to test, driving while license suspended/revoked, or a no-insurance violation. READ MORE >>

The Texas DPS (Department of public safety) oversees the SR22 requirement in the lone-star state.  If you have a suspended TX drivers license, or had certain violations within TX while licensed somewhere else, you will hear from the DPS. READ MORE >>

The state of Florida continues to require financial responsibility in 2 different forms, depending on the violations involved.  All motor vehicle violations involving alcohol in the state of FL require an FR44 (FR-44) endorsed policy for license release. READ MORE >>

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