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Motorcycle and Scooter SR-22 Insurance Q&A

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Can I get Motorcycle or Scooter SR-22 Insurance?
Yes, a SR-22 CFR (Certificate of Financial Responsibility) Form can be attached to a Motorcycle Insurance policy in most states. Commonly this is referred to as Motorcycle SR-22 Insurance.  The motorcycle Insurance policy must meet the state mandated liability insurance limits to meet your particular states requirements for SR-22 and license reinstatement.  These liability limits and requirements vary by state and not all states will issue SR22s on motorcycles.



Florida does not allow SR22 or FR44 with Motorcycle policies.

Is it cheaper to have Motorcycle SR-22 Insurance or Vehicle?
In most cases, it is cheaper to have a SR-22 form filed on a motorcycle insurance policy instead of a vehicle. This depends on the style of the bike and the coverage selected.  To get the lowest rate on a motorcycle policy you will want a cruiser style bake over a sport bike.  Sport bikes are more expensive to insure regardless of a judgement against your license. You will also want to stick with the state minimum liability only coverage if you can.  Full coverage on a motorcycle or vehicle always increases the premium significantly.

What affects the cost of Motorcycle SR-22 Insurance?
Motorcycle SR22s are calculated the same way as a traditional cycle policy.  The factors that come into play are; age, zip code (where you live), driving record, male or female, married or single, type of motorcycle you drive, age of bike, cruiser or speed bike, etc.  The basic cruiser style motorcycle typically get the best rates, speed/sport performance motorcycles usually have the highest rates.

Does my Motorcycle SR-22 Insurance and Auto Insurance have to be with the same Carrier?
No,  legally you can have a motorcycle and your vehicle insured with two different insurance companies. Most companies will try and get both your motorcycle and auto insurance together but this is not required by law.  One advantage to keeping them separate, is filing a SR-22 form on just a motorcycle is considerably cheaper than filing on an auto policy.

How long must I have SR-22 Motorcycle Insurance?
You are required to carry the SR-22 Form on your Motorcycle Insurance policy as long as the state mandates.  Depending on your state you may be required to have it for three to five years.  Once you reinstate your driver’s license, is it important to maintain your SR-22 Motorcycle Insurance and not let it cancel or lapse for any reason.  If the policy cancels your license could be suspended.

Where can I get Motorcycle SR-22 Insurance?
SR22-Insurance-Policies.com can provide you with cheapest insurance quotes.  Call us toll free at 1-866-663-7561 we look forward to hearing from you, OR fill out the online motorcycle for fast free quote CLICK HERE

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