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Frequently Asked Questions

a car is parked in front of a large treeYou have Car, Non-owner, SR22, FR44, or SR50 Insurance Questions? We have Answers…

  1. What is SR22 Insurance?
  2. What is non-owners insurance?
  3. What is a Financial Responsibility Form?
  4. What if i don’t own a car?
  5. How long does it take to get SR22?

What is SR22 Insurance?

SR-22 Insurance
An SR-22, or Financial Responsibility Form, is a certificate of insurance issued by an insurance company that shows proof of liability insurance to the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV). An SR-22 is a tracking device, and the insurance company that issues the SR-22 filing will notify the DMV any time the policy cancels, or is changed. An SR-22 insurance policy is normally required for reinstatement after a license has been suspended or revoked.

If you’re required to show proof of Financial Responsibility, or SR-22, to the DMV in order to have your driver’s license reinstated – your insurance card or even your insurance binder is not considered proof. An SR-22 is a separate filing by an insurance company that is sent to you directly from us to be presented. This can also be done from us directly to your state’s DMV, usually the SAME DAY.

Facts about SR-22 Insurance:

  • Can be purchased whether you own a vehicle or not.
  • Can be purchased as a liability only policy on an auto, or liability plus full coverage (comprehensive and collision).
  • In many cases, SR-22 insurance needs to be kept for a period of three years.
  • Can also be applied to a motorcycle policy.

Some common reasons why you may need an SR-22 filing:

  • Conviction of DUI / DWI offense
  • Exceeding the maximum allowable points on your driver’s license.
  • Failing to provide proof of liability insurance upon demand
  • Involved in an uninsured accident.
  • Applying for a hardship license.

Please note: These are only a few examples for needing an SR-22 filing. Please contact us for more information, call 1-866-663-7561.

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What is non-owners insurance?


A non-owners SR22 or named-operator liability policy is insurance that covers you, for any vehicles you operate that you do not own, as a secondary insurance coverage. This type of liability policy is usually written with a state’s minimum coverage limits, and covers only other drivers or property – not your own. For instance, if you were involved in an accident, and you were at fault, the liability insurance would cover only the injury to or property damage of others that occurred as a result of the accident, if and only after you have exhausted the primary insurance on the auto.

An SR22 filing can be attached to a NON-OWNER policy to satisfy the state’s requirements for license release. This is the only option if you do not own a vehicle. The vehicle/s has to be listed on the policy, if you do own a vehicle/s. Then an SR22 can be endorsed on that policy.

There are some exception to this rule in some states. We can provide you with a broad form policy, along with an SR22 filing endorsement in some states, even though you may have a registered vehicle in your name. Please feel free to contact us regarding that option.

Generally, a non owner is less expensive than a traditional policy with SR22. Give us a call or fill out the quote request, and we will help get your driving privileges back. 1-866-663-7561

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What is a Financial Responsibility Form?


A “financial responsibility” requirement basically means that the state demanding the form wants to ensure that you hold an auto insurance policy for a given period of time. An SR22 form is the same as a financial responsibility filing; the only difference is the verbiage used by the state.

Over the last couple of years, financial responsibility requirements have moved outside the typical motor vehicle offenses that we commonly associate with SR22’s (DUI, etc.). We are now finding people who need SR22 (or financial responsibility) filings for problems including child support or neglect, drug possession problems and in some states, tax problems.

At Wessell Insurance Services we make it easy, affordable, and most of all convenient to satisfy your financial responsibility requirement. Call us today @ 1-866-663-7561, and we will help you get your license back!

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What if I don’t own a car?
If you need an SR22/FR44 and don’t own a vehicle, you can purchase a non-owner policy.

How long does it take to get SR22?
In most cases we email a copy of SR22 to customer immediately upon payment. Most states are electronically filed same day, some states can be faxed immediately, some states receive filing by USPS priority mail. Once SR22 is sent it is in the hands of each states Department of Motor Vehicles and can appear in their records as soon as minutes or up to several days.

How do i get an Interlock device?

Interlock known as the blowing device or ignition locking device is sometimes required after DWI or DUI convictions.  We highly recommend Intoxalock

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