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North Carolina License Requirement

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The form DL-123 is a certificate of insurance that serves as proof to the NC Department of Motor Vehicles that you have liability insurance coverage. You must submit this form when you are applying for a North Carolina license for the first time or if you are reinstating a suspended license due to a DUI or other serious moving violations.

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What is the DL123?
The Form DL123 is an attachment to a North Carolina insurance policy. A DL 123 form cannot be purchased by itself, it must be issued by your insurance carrier. The DL 123 form can be on a non owners or an auto owner policy.  

When you purchase the policy let your insurance agent know that you need the DL123 form attached. As stated above this serves as proof to the North Carolina DMV that you have the financial liability insurance required to get your license.

What is North Carolina Non Owner Insurance?
NC non owner insurance is a secondary liability insurance policy that covers damages not covered by the primary auto insurance.  For example, if you were to borrow a neighbors car and got into an accident the insurance on the car would be pulled from first, if those limits were exceeded it would pull from the non owner policy. The vehicle cannot be in the non owner insureds name and cannot be a vehicle owned by somebody in the same household. It serves as a great financial safety net.

Who is Required to Submit a North Carolina DL123?
The following Individuals  are required to submit a North Carolina DL123: individuals that are applying for the first time for a North Carolina drivers license, anybody that has moved to the state of North Carolina and needs a license, those applying to get their North Carolina driver’s license reinstated after a suspension or NC DUI/DWI, and anyone ordered to have proof of liability insurance by the court. 

When applying for the North Carolina drivers license you will be required to show proof of your identity and residency.

Required Proof of Identity
Proof of age and identity includes providing your full name and date of birth.
Listed below are acceptable documents you can use, provided they include your full name:

  1. Driver License – State issued from any state that expired less than 2 years with a photo. 
  2. Birth Certificate – issued by government agency.  No photocopies allowed. .
  3. Original Social Security Card – If you cannot provide this you can present documentation  indicating legal presence.
  4. Tax forms – with your legal name and SSN 
  5. Motor Vehicle Driver’s Record – Certified MVR
  6. School Documents  .
  7. US Military ID
  8. Passport – From any country
  9. Certified Marriage Certificate 
  10. NC Limited Driving Privilege – Issued by North Carolina court. Cannot be expired more than one year
  11. US Government Documents
  12. Court Documents

Where Do I Get a North Carolina DL123?

The North Carolina DL123 form must be issued by an insurance provider licensed to do business in the state of North Carolina.  The form must list the name of the applicant, the effective date, the expiration date, and the date the policy was issued.  The North Carolina DL123 certificate is only good for thirty days from the day it is issued, regardless of if it’s a car, motorcycle or non owner insurance policy.

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The DL123 form NC can be issued on car, motorcycle and non owner insurance policies. A NC DMV insurance form is issued the day you purchase your cheap car insurance policy, your cheap motorcycle insurance policy or cheap non owner insurance policy. Call 1-866-663-7561 to get your free quote.

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