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Welcome friends of Lighthouse and Drivers Diversion Program DDP SR22 insurance

This is the insurance portion of the program.

You are required to have insurance to complete the Diversion Program.  There are 2 basic policies that satisfy the Drivers Diversion Program and the state of Minnesota DMV.

  1.  NON-OWNER:  This is the cheapest option, it is a liability policy covering a driver when operating “non-owned” vehicles.  This will get your license reinstated or get a new license.  This policy DOES NOT cover a vehicle that you own, but you can start with a non-owner and add a vehicle to the policy once you have a valid license.
  2. AUTO POLICY:  This covers an owned vehicle with liability coverage, full coverage (Comprehensive and Collision) can also be added.  The vehicle must be owned by the person insuring it.

The SR-22 is an attachment that is added to the policy.  In most cases it is free of cost, if your drivers license is currently suspended or revoked it is mandatory.

You can call Wessell Insurance Services LLC with any questions, we can answer all questions, explain your options and provide fast free quote that best suits your needs at the cheapest possible price.


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Lighthouse Drivers Diversion Program DDP SR22 insurance

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