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Cheapest non owner SR22 auto insurance in Vermont Certain violations require SR22 high risk auto insurance filing which is simply a document filed by an insurance provider with the state, for the purpose of showing proof of financial responsibility. This process will reinstate your suspended drivers license with the Department of Motor Vehicles in Montpelier and allow you to restore your driving privileges.

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Who needs SR22 insurance?
The court will determine whether you need SR22 insurance, and for how long, usually 3 years. It is necessary to maintain insurance coverage during the time frame that the court mandates. If coverage lapses during the determined time frame the state will suspend drivers license. If you move out of state while carrying SR22 insurance you must continue your coverage in the state the infraction occurred for the duration already determined by the court.

Insurance Requirement
The state of Vermont requires all drivers to carry liability insurance with limits 25/50/10 Updated February 14, 2024

$25,000 bodily injury to 1 person
$50,000 bodily injury to 2 or more people
$10,000 property damage
$50,000 uninsured motorist bodily injury for 1 person
$100,000 uninsured motorist bodily injury for 2 or more persons
$10,000 property damage

Types of Policies
There are a few ways to meet your legal obligations and reinstate your license. You can file SR22 as a separate independent policy with a one time payment which will not interfere with existing policies and minimize the long term affects associated with this offense. The two main types of policies are:

1. Auto Owner policy – which is a standard auto insurance policy that covers a driver on their owned personal vehicle.

2. Non owners or Operator only policy – is an auto insurance policy which covers a driver for vehicles that they don’t own. A driver who does not have a vehicle registered to their name may purchase a non-owner policy. Non-owner policies cost far less and carry significantly lower premiums, while still meeting compliance for all SR22 requirements

Wessell Insurance Services can fulfill your SR22 needs in the state of VT. We work with several licensed insurance carriers and can satisfy your SR22 obligations quick, easy and discreetly in a way that best suits your individual situation.

Who needs an SR-22 filing?
Financial responsibility insurance is required for high risk drivers that have violations such as; DUI or DWI, driving without insurance, are involved in an at-fault accident without insurance, license suspension, or too many points on their license.

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How long do I need the SR-22?

Three years from the date the SR-22 filing was required by the state.  If the policy lapses, or is cancelled, the insurance company is required to file an SR-26, this filing notifies the State  Department of Motor Vehicle that your policy is not active, which results in an immediate license suspension.
What if I need an out of state SR-22 for? 

If you live in a different state and are required to have a financial responsibility form on file, you will need to purchase a non owners insurance policy in your current state and have your insurance carrier submit a secondary filing with the state of VT Department of Motor Vehicles on your behalf.  Non owner insurance typically cost less, but fulfills your out of state SR22 requirements, allowing you to reinstate or obtain your license in your residing state.

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For additional information on SR22 contact:

VT Department of Motor Vehicles
120 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05603-0001  phone  802 828 2000 mydmv.vermont.gov

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