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Wessell Insurance Services specializes in Florida FR44 non-owner insurance and has been selling these policies in the state of FL since 2006.  A non-owner Fr44 insurance policy fulfills the state of Florida's requirement for obtaining a policy with the highest liability limits of 100/300/50 after receiving a DUI. READ MORE >>

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Here are some examples of what a FL non-owner Fr44 insurance policy costs through us: Customer Kim L, FL non-owner fr44 - 6 Month paid in full $515.42 Customer Crystal, FL non owner fr44 - 6 Month paid in full $357.42 Customer Tara, FL non owner fr44 - 6 month paid in full $393.42 READ MORE >>

The state of NC requires auto insurance in force for every licensed driver.  New residents to NC sometimes find this out when they first try to switch their license over to NC from their former state.  If the new resident does not own a vehicle, or does not have insurance on their current vehicle, they will not get a NC drivers license until they are covered. READ MORE >>

All of us need auto insurance, whether you drive an older Ford, or a brand new Lexus.. The liability insurance requirement is the same.  State minimum liability limits exist in all states, and are the baseline for all auto insurance policies (motorcycle insurance as well)  Minimum liability limits read numbers between back-slashes  IE  10/20/10 minimums for FL. READ MORE >>

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If you are told by the DMV that you need an SR22 or an FR44 (VA and FL), you can use a non-owner (named-operator) policy to release your license and keep it valid.  Once the state receives the financial responsibility information from us, the process for your reinstatement continues. READ MORE >>

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Missouri SR22 Insurance Information and Tips In the state of Missouri SR22 Insurance is required for a number of violations.  But first, what is Sr22 Insurance? The "SR" stand for "safety responsibility", which is actually an endorsement or rider (also commonly called certificate) to an auto insurance policy. READ MORE >>

North Carolina Non-Owner Insurance Wessell Insurance Services can get you a North Carolina non-owner insurance policy to get your drivers license for the first time, to get your drivers license reinstated, or if you have just moved to the state of North Carolina and need to get your North Carolina drivers license. READ MORE >>

Missouri DWI FAQ Should you agree to a breath test? This question is difficult to answer and greatly depends on your personal situation and how important driving is to your daily life.  A DWI is considered a criminal case by Missouri law and not agreeing to a breath test will automatically result in a one year license suspension. READ MORE >>

What are the Florida FR44 Insurance limits? When you are required by the state of Florida to have FR44 insurance due to driving under the influence (DUI), driving with a suspended license, or for any court order you must carry the highest liability insurance limits. READ MORE >>

DUI Insurance Explained What? Who? and When? do you need DUI insurance. What is DUI Insurance? DUI Insurance isn't an actual insurance policy, It is actually a rider or certificate attached to a standard auto insurance policy, that is sometimes called DUI insurance. READ MORE >>

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