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For over 10 years now, the state of Florida has been using the FR44 drivers license monitoring system (alongside the SR22). This insurance requirement exists when a driver has a moving violation involving alcohol DUI. Once your license is suspended for an alcohol violation, you will eventually need an FR44 endorsed auto insurance policy to get your driving privileges reinstated. READ MORE >>

The state of TN continues on with SR22 requirements for certain drivers.  The usual violations will require an SR22 be filed with Nashville, and remain on file for a given period of time (usually monitored by the state for 3 years)  With or without a vehicle, an SR22 endorsement is required on an auto policy to keep the state of TN happy. READ MORE >>

Plenty of terms exist to describe the SR22 requirement to reinstate your license, when no car is present.  No-car insurance. non-owner SR22 insurance, cheap no auto SR22... Among others.  Basically, they all come down to 2 options around the country. READ MORE >>

When you are told to aquire an SR22, the most important question should be... How do I get the SR22 insurance policy I need at the lowest rate, that is least disruptive to my life? More often than not, a non-owner SR22 (non-owner FR44) is the correct answer. READ MORE >>

The SR22 program across the country continues with many people confused about their options to reinstate a drivers license.  Basically the state is asking you to take out, and maintain a liability auto insurance policy that will be monitored.  WHAT to insure is often up to you, depending on your insurance situation. READ MORE >>

The state of Virginia continues to allow compliance with its SR22 and FR44 programs through a non-owner auto policy, as well as traditional owners insurance.  At Wessell insurance we can have paperwork emailed/faxed to present for license release within 20 minutes.  Call us now at 866-663-7561  www. READ MORE >>

Non-owner insurance has become incredibly popular within the last 5 years.  Here at Wessell Insurance, we have literally written thousands of non-owner (named-operator) insurance policy all across the country.  There are 2 main reasons for the increase and demand for these unique auto insurance policies. READ MORE >>

The state of Iowa has participated in the SR22 monitored insurance program for several years now.  In order to reinstate a suspended/revoked IA drivers license, you must take out and maintain a liability auto insurance policy.  The auto policy must be written to (at least) state minimum limits, with or without a vehicle. READ MORE >>

The Florida FR44 system has been in place for a few years now, and there are no signs of changing the requirements.  The state of FL requires an offender to hold a liability auto policy (with or without a vehicle) with limits of 100/300/50.  100 thousand per person, 300 thousand per accident, and 50 thousand in property damage. READ MORE >>

At Wessell Insurance, we have been selling auto insurance with and without SR22 endorsements for 9 years now.   The exact definition of an SR22 is not correctly explained on many DMV websites, or requirement letters.  Part of the process here is to make sure the driver understands exactly what the state is looking for, and the various ways to get compliant. READ MORE >>

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