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August 10, 2022

Cheapest sr22 fr44 insurance reinstate your license today

If you want to reinstate your drivers’ license in Florida and the DMV requires an SR22 or FR44.  This means that the state Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle Dept (flhsmv) or DMV wants proof of insurance referred to as “financial responsibility”.  They will determine how long you need to hold your sr22 or fr44 with continuous coverage without lapse.  The insurance itself is regular auto insurance, it can be liability only, full coverage or Non-Owner liability which all meet Florida requirements.  The Non-Owner policy is auto insurance without an “owned” vehicle, it is liability coverage for the driver while driving non owned vehicles.  It is the cheapest type of policy, and allows drivers without a car to reinstate their license.  It is often incorrectly called non driver sr22.   The sr-22 or fr-44 is an attachment to a policy which serves as proof of insurance allowing the state to monitor that you have active coverage.   Drivers’ license can have 4 different status:  Valid, Suspended, Revoked or Cancelled.  Suspended or revoked status can be reinstated as valid with sr22 or fr44 filing.  Drivers’ license in “cancelled” status are ineligible for reinstatement.  The DMV might tell you your license is eligible to reinstate but the status must first be changed.  A person can have only 1 drivers’ license or state ID at one time.  Your license could be in cancelled status if you have a state ID or a drivers’ license from another state.  You would have to turn in that license or ID for the state to change your status to suspended or revoked.  Which then allows you to reinstate valid license.  Moving out of state does not change your responsibilty to maintain SR22 or FR44, if you move out of Florida while still requiring financial responsibility filing, you will be unable to acquire a drivers’ license in any other state unless you maintain insurance coverage.  This can be a very difficult situation to handle since Florida will not accept sr22 or fr44 filing with out of state policies.  Luckily Wessell Insurance can keep your license valid or reinstate license in almost every status or scenario.  Wessell Insurance the”SR-22 Specialists” are licensed nationwide and have been helping drivers reinstate and maintain their driving privileges for 17 years.  We can answer all your questions, explain options and get you what you need where most others cannot.  From Tallahassee to Jacsonville, Orlando to Miami, Ft Myers to Tampa call Wessell Insurance 866 663 7561 with any questions or click here for fast FREE QUOTE.  Cheapest prices that fit every situation.  We can provide quote, accept payment, email documents to you and file SR22 or FR44 with the state in one 5 minute phone call.  We are the fastest, cheapest easiest way to reinstate your drivers’ license Today.

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