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March 29, 2016

Driving With A Suspended License in Florida

www.sr22-insurance-policies.comIn the state of Florida there are two types of Driving with a Suspended License Tickets.

1)  Driving Without Knowledge of A Suspension

This is a civil traffic infraction and is issued like an ordinary ticket.   It is important not to underestimate the importance of this ticket.  Evan though it is issued as a civil infraction and not a criminal infraction, it can still have damaging consequences.  You can be put in jail for driving with a suspended license regardless of your knowledge.   Whether you go to jail or not, is at the discretion of the arresting police officer and if he believes you.  If you are arrested this will incur paying a fine or bond to get out of jail, most likely your car was towed and you will need to pay to get it out, and you may have to surrender your drivers license.

2)  Driving With Knowledge of A Suspension

When you get behind the wheel to drive a vehicle, and you are aware your drivers license is suspended, you are committing a criminal infraction.  The law officer who is issuing the ticket has the option to arrest you and take you to jail, or issue you a notice to appear in court (this is usually on a ticket).  As long as you don’t have multiple DWLS citations on your record you are likely to be released from jail, be required to pay a bond or fine, pay to get your car back, and surrender your drivers license.  

If you have a lot of driving with license suspension violations, you may be required to stay in jail for a longer period and pay a higher bond to get out.

How To Check If Your Florida Driver’s License Is Suspended 

The best advice we can give is know the status of your drivers license before you get behind the wheel!    Thanks to the internet, Florida residents can now check the status of their drivers license at the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website www.flhsmv.gov.  Do not drive while your license is suspended, this will lead to additional fines and penalties.

What you Need to Get Your Florida Driver’s License Reinstated 

Once your suspension period is over, which can range from 3 months to a year, and you are eligible to reinstate your license.  In order to reinstate your license with the Florida DMV you will be required to pay a reinstatement fee, and show proof you have SR22 insurance.  SR22 insurance proves to the state that you have the state legal liability insurance, either on an auto insurance policy or a non-owner insurance policy.  

Where to Get Florida SR22 Insurance  

SR22-Insurance-Policies.com specializes in SR22 and FR44 insurance, and has been helping Florida drivers get their drivers license reinstated since 2006.  Call us at 1-866-663-7561 for immediate assistance, or request an online SR22 Insurance Quote.  We take pride in helping drivers get back on the road! 

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