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June 27, 2024

Florida FR44 cheap same day filing

The FR-44 in Florida is similar to the SR22 in that both are proof of insurance for the state DMV.  The FR44 is for alcohol and illegal substance offenses and sometimes other serious violations.  The FR-44 also requires higher than state minimum limits of liability, $100000 Bodily Injury per person, $300000 per accident (BI) and $50000 Property Damage (PD).  In the past it was required to pay for 6 months in full, but now Wessell Insurance Services LLC sells policies with monthly payment options.  Call 866 663 7561 to get a cheap quote fast and free.  The NON-OWNER fr44 is much cheaper than an AUTO fr44 but does not cover driver on owned vehicles.  Wessell Insurance is the Florida “FR44 Specialists” we have been filing FR-44 and SR-22 in Florida for nearly 20 years.  Noone has more experience or knowledge dealing with the state DMV.  Our agents can answer all your questions, explain your options and provide cheapest, fastest free quotes and emailed copies of your documents within minutes with one quick phone call.  We file electronically with the state same day and email you a copy immediately, we can also fax or email copies anywhere you may need.  CLICK HERE for an online quote form.  One 3 minute phone call can get your FR44 in hand today and reinstate your drivers’ license today.A truck parked under a night sky filled with stars

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