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February 20, 2014

Nevada SR22 insurance options

If you have been told you need to maintain SR22 in the state of Nevada, you have choices.  The traditional owner’s SR22 can insure either autos, or motorcycles/scooters.  For years, the only other option in NV was a non-owner SR22 (named-operator SR22)

Through the years, we have written hundreds of non-owner SR22s in NV.  These policies work great, and are traditionally half the cost of an owner’s policy.  The non-owner SR22 will release your license and keep it valid… as well, cover damage caused while operating a vehicle that you do not own.  The BROAD-FORM SR22 is now available in NV, giving drivers a third option for SR22 compliance.

The NV broad-form SR22 will release your license and keep it valid,  and cover you 2 ways.  If you do not own a vehicle, it will act as a named-operator (per explanation above)  If you do own vehicle(s) it will act as a liability-only policy on those as well…. The only thing is that it is for YOU only.  This coverage cannot be transferred with another driver like most owners policies can.  So… If you own multiple vehicles, one vehicle, or none.. the NV broad-form auto SR22 will cover you for damage you cause to property, and injury to persons (to policy limits, usually state minimums) no matter what kind of personal auto.  Call us for more info..

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