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August 12, 2014

Non Owner Insurance

Non-owner insurance has become incredibly popular within the last 5 years.  Here at Wessell Insurance, we have literally written thousands of non-owner (named-operator) insurance policy all across the country.  There are 2 main reasons for the increase and demand for these unique auto insurance policies.

The continuation of the SR22/FR44 insurance programs across the nation requires liability insurance be kept and monitored to recover a suspended/revoked drivers license.  Many individuals do not own a car, but still need a drivers license for other reasons (work, travel, etc.)  The Non-owner SR22 policy (non-owner FR44 policy) will release the suspended license and keep it valid without car ownership.  It is also effective to comply with the SR22 program, and not involve your current insurance company to keep them out of the scenario.  Along with the convenience/discretion, the non-owner SR22/FR44 will also provide liability insurance while driving unowned vehicles.

Many people live in growing urban areas where public transportation/walking or biking is a preferred means of transportation.  Not having to own a car is a financial benefit for these types.  However, not having a car does not excuse you from the SR22 compliance program to get your valid license returned.  Again, the Non-owner policy (sometimes a broad-form auto) is the perfect fit, for the least amount of premium.  Call us and we will get your non-owner insurance written and in hand within minutes.

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