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September 3, 2015

North Carolina auto insurance

The state of NC requires auto insurance in force for every licensed driver.  New residents to NC sometimes find this out when they first try to switch their license over to NC from their former state.  If the new resident does not own a vehicle, or does not have insurance on their current vehicle, they will not get a NC drivers license until they are covered.  All day long we have NC residents seeking a license, in need of auto insurance.  No matter the auto ownership status, a liability auto policy must be presented to the DMV to get switched over.  As well, first time drivers must have auto insurance to get from ID/Permit to valid drivers license.

A DL123 form is exclusive to NC, and is the proof of liability coverage required to get a drivers license.  The DL123 form is issued when any liability policy is issued in NC, owner or non-owner..  Here at Wessell, we write more non-owner DL123 policies than anything else.  Mainly we have first time drivers wanting a drivers license for the first time.  With a non-owner auto policy, we issue the DL123 that will allow for the testing, and ultimately a valid NC license.  For traditional owners, we can issue the DL123 with any traditional auto policy based in NC… For all drivers insured.   Call us today, we can have the DL123 in your hands to present in 30 minutes via fax/email…  GET ON THE ROAD!




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