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November 8, 2016

SR-22 Insurance Without A Vehicle

One question we receive daily is: Do I Still Need an SR-22 on file if I don’t own a car?Non Owner SR-22 Quote

And the answer is, Yes.  If your state is requiring you to carry an SR22 filing for a suspended license, DWI or to reinstate your license, than you are required to get this whether you have a vehicle or not.  When you do not own a car and need SR22 insurance the DMV will require you to purchase a non-owner (do not own a vehicle) SR22 insurance policy.  But first, what is SR22 insurance and what is non-owner insurance?  Why do I need it?

Why Do I Need to Buy a Non Owner SR22 When I Don’t Have A Car?

Many people don’t understand why they are required to purchase this non-owner sr22 insurance to get their license reinstated.  The state requires this insurance because they feel that if you have a valid drivers license than you are likely to drive somebody’s car at some point.  By requiring the SR22 non owner liability insurance they feel they are better protecting the other drivers on the road from a “high risk” driver.  These polices are treated just like the auto sr22 insurance policies.  The length of time you are required to carry the SR22 remains the same for auto owner insurance policies and non owner insurance policies.  Your state determines how long you need to keep the SR22 on file.

What is SR-22 Insurance?

SR22 by itself is not an actual insurance policy.  It is simply a endorsement or rider to an auto owner or non-owner policy.  This SR22 endorsement serves as proof to the state that you have the state required legal liability limits.  The insurance company sends this proof over to the state when an SR22 is attached to a policy.  The insurance company is also legally obligated to notify the state when this insurance policy lapses or cancels.

What is Non-Owner Insurance?

Non owner SR22 insurance is basically the same thing as an auto SR-22 insurance policy but, it covers the driver and not a specific car.  What this means, is that it gives secondary liability coverage for vehicles the insured does not own.  For example, is you were to borrow a neighbors car and get into an accident, that insurance on the vehicle would be the primary insurance pulled from, but if those limits were exceeded than it would pull from your non-owner policy.  This type of coverage does not cover any vehicles in the same household and does not give any comprehensive or collision coverage.  Like with an auto policy the SR22 is a certificate of financial responsibility attachment / endorsement.  To find out how much a non-owner policy would be for you click here.

How Much Will the Non Owner SR22 Cost?

A non owner SR22 insurance policy is determined the same way auto insurance is determined.  The cost takes many things into account like;  zip code – the area you live in and risk factors associated with that zip code, age – your age and the amount of experience you have driving, gender – typically women drivers are considered less risk and usually have lower premiums, marital status – whether you are married, single or divorced contributes to price  (married and divorced drivers usually rate lower then single drivers),  your driving record – it’s no secret that the better your driving record is the lower your insurance premium will be, and depending on the carrier, some use your credit report.

To find out more about Non Owner SR22 insurance and getting your drivers license back please call
1-866-663-7561 Wessell Insurance Services, llc has been selling SR22, FR44, SR50 and Non owner insurance since 2006.  We have the experienc to help you navigate through the SR22 maze.

To get a Non Owner SR22 quote click here.

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