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Wessell Insurance Services, LLC Blog: fr44

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In order to best serve our existing as well as prospective customers.  Wessell Insurance Services will be available from 8 A.M.- 8 P.M. 7 days a week.  We will do our best to answer calls with a live representative, return messages and quote requests  as soon as possible. READ MORE >>

The SR22/FR44 is an attachment to an insurance policy.  It provides proof of insurance to the state.  If you don't own a vehicle you might still be required to maintain an SR22/FR44.  In these cases, a non-owner policy will meet financial respoinsibility required by the state. READ MORE >>

During this difficult time our priorities have shifted.  The coronavirus (also called covid-19) has affected the lives of millions of Americans.  We will recover, life will return to normal.  The big question is when.  SR22 and FR44  filings remain in effect as long as the auto or non-owner policies are maintained. READ MORE >>

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