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June 15, 2015

Who needs non owner insurance?

If you are told by the DMV that you need an SR22 or an FR44 (VA and FL), you can use a non-owner (named-operator) policy to release your license and keep it valid.  Once the state receives the financial responsibility information from us, the process for your reinstatement continues.  You can manage your household insurance however you wish, the state only requires one policy written to your state minimums for compliance.  It is between you and your agent how best to write the required coverage to fit your needs.

Many times we can cover motorcycles/scooters, watercraft or traditional vehicles to accomplish the SR22 requirement, or use the NON-OWNER.  In many cases, the non-owner SR22 policy will be much cheaper, and certainly easier than shuffling cars around within your household/family.. Or involving your current carrier that you may want to keep long-term, and not involve them in this.  

No matter the circumstance, WESSELL INSURANCE can create the easiest, most discreet compliance policy through several options to get your driers license back.  Call us today   866-663-7561 X0


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