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Those that design personal auto insurance policies learned years ago that folks living in the same house will take turns driving the family cars. That’s why auto insurance policies are designed to provide coverage not just for the person specifically named on the policy (you) but also your spouse and family members. READ MORE >>

Wessell Insurance Services has operated in California since 2006, and has insured hundreds of drivers in CA. Many of this cases involved helping drivers recover their driver’s license.  CA uses the traditional SR22 system to monitor certain drivers. READ MORE >>

Virginia SR22 and FR44 Insurance The sate of Virginia has 2 compliance programs for certain auto offenders, the SR22 program, and the newer FR44 insurance program. The traditional VA SR22 program has been in place for over 20 years, and requires state minimum liability coverage in an auto policy with or without a vehicle. READ MORE >>

NORTH CAROLINA NON-OWNER AUTO INSURANCE Wessell insurance can get you a non-owner auto insurance policy no matter the status of your driver’s license… NO LICENSE, SUSPENDED LICENSE, PERMIT ONLY, OR STATE ID ONLY… This will allow you take your testing and get your license back READ MORE >>

The state of Florida has increased the FR44 insurance program to include a full 3 years of requirement, whether you add a vehicle or not. The state will continue to monitor your insurance policy for a full 3 years before being released from the requirement. The FR44 requirement is 100/300/50. READ MORE >>

The state of Florida has announced they will continue to require 3 consecutive years of SR22 insurance coverage for certain offenders (FR44 insurance requirement remains the same, 3 years as well) Basically, this means anyone required to maintain Florida SR22 will stay on the original 3 year program. READ MORE >>

Basically, a non-owner liability auto policy provides basic coverage while you drive a vehicle that you don’t own.  When I say “basic” coverage, I mean damage that is caused to property, and injury caused to persons while operating a vehicle that the insured does not own. READ MORE >>

In the state of NC, you must have an insurance policy in place to get your first drivers license (from a permit), or if you are moving into North Carolina from another state.  If you have a traditional policy with vehicles, that will do.  If you do not own a car, and still want a NC license, then a non-owner liability policy is what you need. READ MORE >>

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