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February 15, 2024

How can i get cheaper SR22 insurance?

Insurance rates are calculated on an individual basis according to the risk assessment of that individual.  That being said there are many factors that go into the price.  To simplify, the biggest factors in your cost are the zip code where you live, your driving record within the past 3-5 years and age.  There are also significant price differences in type of policy.  Full coverage auto is the most expensive, liability auto has much lower price and Non-owner being the cheapest.  Motorcycle / scooter policies are the cheapest but only certain states allow SR22 on cycle policies.  The past 2 years has seen unprecedented increase in insurance prices due to many factors.  The cost of vehicle repairs ie. labor rates, parts and availability have risen.  The driving habits of many motorists has deteriorated, the number of severe and fatal accidents has exploded in recent years.  The number of uninsured drivers has also climbed raising prices as well.  Wessell Insurance Services LLC is a nationwide agency that specializes in SR22 and FR44 also DL123.  We have provided drivers with the cheapest rates for 18 years.  Call us at 866 663 7561 or CLICK HERE  for a fast free online quote.  The “SR22 Specialists” can answer all your questions and explain all options to best fit your needs. There is no magic answer to cheaper insurance, the best you can do is drive safe and responsible your safety and the safety of everyone on the road is at risk.

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