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February 28, 2024

Florida Bill to require liability auto insurance instead of No-fault PIP would decrease cost for Florida drivers.

There was an attempt to update or “fix” the controversial No-fault PIP system of auto insurance in Florida.  Personal injury protection (PIP) is required in Florida but not Bodily Injury Liability (BI).  This means regardless of who is at fault in an accident, each drivers PIP is responsible to cover each drivers own injuries up to its limit.  PIP only covers 80% of Medical Expenses resulting from an accident up to the $10k limit, 60% of Lost Wages and $5k for Wrongful Death (separate from $10k limit).  There is a short timeframe of 14 days that you have to make a PIP claim or seek medical treatment.  Any additional amount would have to be pursued by litigation.  The advantage to PIP is that it provides some protection against uninsured drivers.  Florida has the highest uninsured driver rate in the country which is over 20%.  Mandatory Bodily Injury Liability (BI) could provide significantly higher limits of coverage and most likely decrease prices of auto insurance in Florida.  Unlike PIP which has to pay for drivers who were the victim with no fault in the accident, bodily injury liability holds the at fault driver accountable.  In January 2023 Bill HB429 was introduced to the Florida House to require bodily injury liability for all drivers and end the “no-fault” PIP system.  The Bill passed the House and Bill SB586 passed the state Senate but the Bill was vetoed by Governor DeSantis and died May of 2023.  If Bill had passed it was scheduled to take effect July 1, 2024.  With rising costs of everything including auto insurance, hopefully there will be another Bill introduced that addresses auto insurance flaws in Florida to curb prices and provide adequate protection for all Floridians.  Wessell Insurance Services LLC has been providing Florida the cheapest rates for 18 years.  Wessell offers Non-owner, auto liability and full coverage, also motorcycle and scooter coverage.  We are  “The SR22 Specialist” if you need SR-22 or FR-44 with low monthly payments.  Call us at 866 663 7561 with any questions or to get a cheap, fast, free quote.  You can CLICK HERE to get an online quote now.  We provide same day filing and email you copies of your documents immediately.

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