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Answer: Yes. If you’ve had your driver’s license suspended for driving without insurance, driving on a suspended license, DUI /DWI or by court order and do not own a car, your state will require non owner SR-22 insurance to be on file. READ MORE >>

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Virginia FR44 insurance is required when you are convicted of one of the following violations: DUI Driving while your license has been forfeited for a conviction Maiming while under the influence Court Order for other federal violations READ MORE >>

In the state of North Carolina, you are required to have an auto insurance policy in order to obtain a NC drivers license.  The situations would include.. Getting a NC license for the first time (from a permit or ID)  Reinstating a suspended NC drivers license, or switching a license fr... READ MORE >>

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FR44 Insurance Florida Quote FR44 Insurance Q & A Question: Why is everything regarding license reinstatement after a DUI so hard? I know I did something wrong with getting a DUI but the SR-22 insurance requirement is such a pain. I found out my insurer doesn't file the form, so I have to figure out what to do now. READ MORE >>

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Non owner car insurance  Non-owner car insurance, also commonly called non-owners insurance, no car auto insurance, and operator only insurance is a liability only insurance policy that covers drivers that do not have a  car. READ MORE >>

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In the state of North Carolina, a non-owner liability insurance policy, or a car insurance policy with a DL123 Form is required to obtain a NC drivers license, or to reinstate your NC drivers license after suspension from a DUI/DWI. SR22-Insurance-Policies. READ MORE >>

The fact is, FR44 coverage is a fixed liability limit requirement (both FL and VA)  In other words, all FR44 insurance policies must adhere to state requirements, and cannot be lowered to decrease premium.  The way the FR44 liability insurance applies,  is how the premiums will change. READ MORE >>

At WESSELL INSURANCE, we are always asked how we can provide the cheapest possible SR22 insurance. Being that an SR22 or FR44 filing is an endorsement (monitoring device) to an insurance policy, we have to obey by the insurance laws in each state. READ MORE >>

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For the drivers that prefer 2 wheels, at Wessell Insurance Services we offer motorcycle SR22 insurance. Need to reinstate a suspended license?  An SR22 certificate of insurance on a cycle will release the hold on your revoked drivers license and keep it valid. READ MORE >>

The SR22/FR44 program continues to be the main process to reinstate a suspended drivers license in most states.  When certain violations create a suspension/revocation situation, the SR22/FR44 is normally required to get the valid license back. READ MORE >>

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