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February 27, 2013

California SR22 Insurance Update

Wessell Insurance Services has operated in California since 2006, and has insured hundreds of drivers in CA. Many of this cases involved helping drivers recover their driver’s license. 

CA uses the traditional SR22 system to monitor certain drivers. Policies can be written with or without a car and motorcycle is available as well with an SR22 filing.  Many non-owner CA SR22 policies can be written for up to a year in full, or monthly installment plans.  SR22 coverage is always available within minutes. Proof of coverage and SR22 paperwork is  emailed/faxed within 30 minutes.  All CA SR22 filings are electronically sent to Sacramento same-day.

If you are a resident of a different state, but have had previous problems in CA, you will still be responsible to file with CA.  We can easily write a policy in your home state, and send a secondary SR22 to California to release the holds they have. This allows you to get your home-state license back.  Also, non-residents of CA that have had trouble there (maybe a DUI while on vacation) will be issued a California license number to use for SR22 filing.  This license number will always start with an “X” and we can run an MVR on that license without a problem and issue a policy. 

No matter the problem that exists in CA, WESSELL INSURANCE can get your holds released and keep your driver’s license valid. 

Call us today at 866-663-7561 or visit our state page for more information on specific requirements in different states.

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