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February 15, 2014

California SR22 Insurance

The state of CA continues to require SR22 endorsed insurance policies for release of a suspended license.  An SR22 can be written with a traditional auto, a motorcycle/scooter, or as a non-owner (non-owner SR22).  Either of these policies will release your license and keep it valid, so deciding which policy is most correct for your current situation is where we come in.

You are told to get an SR22, so which do you choose?  At Wessell Insurance we are tasked with matching the policy to the individual.  If you own a vehicle that needs insurance, an OWNERS SR22 is needed.  A traditional insurance policy endorsed with an SR22 would be best..  The only question would be full-coverage or just liability.  If you own a vehicle, and already have coverage..  You can use a named-operator SR22 to comply with Sacramento, that way you can keep your existing insurance, and not involve them.  Without a vehicle altogether would require the non-owner SR22, which is by far the cheapest policy, often $300/year or so.  We also write SR22 policies on motorcycles/scooters/mopeds that will release your regular license and keep it valid.  Give us a call to get your SR22 electronically filed with CA, no matter your situation, or what state you currently live in (we can write an SR22 into CA from any other state/license) 866-663-7561

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