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June 25, 2015

Cheap liability insurance

All of us need auto insurance, whether you drive an older Ford, or a brand new Lexus.. The liability insurance requirement is the same.  State minimum liability limits exist in all states, and are the baseline for all auto insurance policies (motorcycle insurance as well)  Minimum liability limits read numbers between back-slashes  IE  10/20/10 minimums for FL.  The breakdown would read 10 thousand per person, 20 thousand per accident, and 10 thousand property damage.  The first 2 numbers represent policy payouts for bodily injury, per person, and then total per accident.  The third number represents property damage, whether it be another vehicle in a collision, or other property damaged (mailbox or fence damaged by your vehicle sliding off the road in the rain)  The cheapest coverage available within your home state will certainly be a policy written to your state minimum limits.  Higher limits are certainly available, but the law requires at least state minimums for every driver.. no matter the vehicle value/size.  At Wessell Insurance, we can fit you into an auto liability insurance policy within minutes.. The cheapest insurance policy will normally be written to state minimum limits, and we write them all day long.  Give us a call



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