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November 13, 2023

Drivers Diversion Program DDP Minnesota Insurance SR22

Wessell Insurance helps participants of the Drivers Diversion Program along with anyone in Minnesota meet their auto insurance needs in order to reinstate or validate their drivers’ license.  We can file SR-22 if needed, we provide Non-Owner policies as well as Auto policies.  You can call us at 866 663 7561 or click for fast free online quote Quote Form The Non-owner sometimes called non-driver policy is the cheapest way to provide proof of insurance to DDP and the state DMV.  Our knowledgeable agents can answer all your questions and explain options to best suit your needs.  We are “The SR22 Specialists” in Minnesota providing insurance for 17 years.  Members of Drivers Diversion will be emailed immediate proof of insurance as well as have documents sent to DDP and the state DMV, we will handle all the filing of documents for you in one fast easy call.

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2 responses to “Drivers Diversion Program DDP Minnesota Insurance SR22”

  1. Dashay M Holmes says:

    My car doesn’t work I was told get a non driver insurance and I just wanted to know the cheapest cost since I’m not able to even drive car I’m in ddp program

    • sr22ins says:

      The Non-Owner policy will satisfy your insurance requirements with the state and DDP. It is the lowest cost option to reinstate your drivers license and allows you to add a vehicle anytime if you want.

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