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November 17, 2014

Florida FR44 requirements

For over 10 years now, the state of Florida has been using the FR44 drivers license monitoring system (alongside the SR22). This insurance requirement exists when a driver has a moving violation involving alcohol DUI. Once your license is suspended for an alcohol violation, you will eventually need an FR44 endorsed auto insurance policy to get your driving privileges reinstated.

The liability limits for any FR44 policy is listed in thousands, per person/ per accident / property damage 100/300/50. This differs from the FL minimum limits of 10/20/10 for regular drivers, or drivers required to carry the SR22 liability coverage limits.

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There are 2 ways to comply with your FR44 requirement once the time comes.  The traditional owners FR44 policy will cover you, and at least one car to the above limits.  Other than the higher limits, the policy will be exactly like any other FL auto policy.  The second (and cheaper) option is the non owner FR44 policy (named operator FR44). This policy is for an individual that needs an FR44 for license recovery, but does not own a car.

Also, a person with an existing auto policy can use a non owner FR44 to comply with the state, and keep their carrier out of it.  Basically here you are paying for simplicity and discretion.  The named operator FR44 is much cheaper, in part because PIP is not required.

The state of FL normally requires 3 years in any case, but the DMV has the final say of course.  Call us today to get your free FR44 insurance quote and get back on the road!  1-866-663-7561

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