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August 4, 2020

Florida SR22 and Florida FR44 insurance

Florida auto insurance prices vary throughout the state.  The term “no fault” insurance is often misinterpreted.  It means that each driver is responsible for their own expenses in event of an accident up to the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) limit $10000, regardless of who is at fault in the accident.  The mandatory state requirement by the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department (FLHSMV) is $10000 Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and $10000 Property Damage Liability (PDL).  This is the minimum auto insurance coverage a driver must maintain to meet financial responsibility.  A driver must prove financial responsibility to title, register and license a vehicle.  Florida is a highly populated state and auto insurance rates are about 34% higher than the national average.  Rates are higher in major cities such as Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa but can be very reasonable in most other areas of the state.  The national average of uninsured drivers by state is 13%, Florida has the highest rate of uninsured drivers in the country at over 25%.  Maine has the lowest at under 5%.  Uninsured driving is a big problem in Florida.  The Insurance Industry Committee on Motor Vehicle Administration (IICMVA) has recently created an online verification system (OLV) which allows states to access a national database of driving records.  States monitor and regulate driving privileges each in its own way by its own state governed agencies.  A national real time database will allow Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to access all driving records nationwide.  Meaning they will know if a driver is currently insured.  The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles department (FLHSMV) is the state government agency which controls licensing of vehicles and drivers.  The state can require current state mandated auto insurance to issue or reinstate your drivers license.  They can require auto insurance to register and license a vehicle, also to renew registration or license plates.  Law enforcement can use this real time database of driving records to verify if a driver has current auto insurance coverage.  This will make driving uninsured far more risky, many drivers have current insurance ID cards even though their coverage and policies have been cancelled or lapsed.  The online verification system (OLV) will alert law enforcement of uninsured, suspended or revoked drivers simply by checking license plate number or drivers license number without the need to request license or insurance id card.  Florida has both SR22 and FR44 programs for financial responsibility, both SR-22 and FR-44 filings serve the same purpose.  They are attachments to an auto insurance policy which inform the state that a driver has met their mandated insurance requirements.  They are designed to inform the state if the insurance policy coverage lapses or is cancelled.  In which case the state will proceed to suspend that drivers’ license.  The SR22 can be required due to too many points against a drivers license, accident, no insurance ticket, driving on suspended or revoked license, unpaid fines as well as many other reasons.  The FR44 is designated for alcohol related violations (DUI, DWI,OWI, refusal of sobriety test).  The FR44 is only required in Florida and Virginia, unfortunately the FR44 in Florida requires payment in full for 6 month policy.  The court decides how long a driver must carry an SR-22 or FR-44, but in most cases it is 36 months (3 years).  These filings classify the driver as “High Risk”, but do not necessarily account for higher premiums or rates.  The drivers motor vehiucle report (MVR), which is the states record of a drivers violations, tickets and accidents is usually the largest factor in determining prices.  Zip code, age and various other factors will also influence rates.  The FR44 can also be contingent on the installation of an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) or car breathalyzer.  These devices occur additional expenses which the driver is responsible for.  Either SR-22 or FR-44 can be filed with a standard auto insurance policy with liability only (state minimum requirements) or full coverage with comprehensive and collision coverage included.  Either SR22 or FR44 can also be attached to a NON-OWNER auto policy.  A non-owner auto policy is an auto insurance policy designed for someone who does not own a vehicle, does not have a vehicle registered in their name.  It provides liability only coverage for “non-owned” borrowed or temporarily used vehicles.  It is a common way to file SR22 or FR44 and meets the state requirements for financial responsibility and often the cheapest way to reinstate ones drivers license.  A motorcycle or cycle insurance policy can also be a cheap, inexpensive way to meet state required financial responsibility with an SR-22 but FR-44 cannot be filed with motorcycle policy.  Wessell Insurance Services LLC, sr22-insurance-policies.com is licensed in 30 states, all states with SR22 programs.  We provide fast, easy, free quotes by phone, email and text.  We offer cheap rates on auto, non-owner and motorcycle policies with same day electronic filing of SR22 and FR44.   We provide emailed copies of documents (SR22, FR44, ID Cards) immediately.  We have experienced, knowledgeable friendly agents who can answer all your questions and help you meet the state of Florida requirements to meet financial responsibility to reinstate your drivers license.  We pride ourselves in making this process as quick, cheap and easy as possible.  Wessell Insurance Services LLC has been helping drivers reinstate their driving privileges for 16 years.  We have an exemplary record of customer satisfaction with the Missouri Department of Insurance and the Better Business Bureau.  Our agency gives a personable touch to the giant corporate world of auto insurance.  We work with only A+ rated insurance providers to provide the cheapest pricing and quality service. Here at Wessell you speak with agents directly, you can ask questions, make payments or policy changes quick and easy.  Wessell Insurance Services LLC has extended hours to accommodate our customers in pacific, mountain, central and eastern time zones.  We specialize in SR22, FR44 and DL123 filing, we sell auto, non-owner and motorcycle policies.  We have helped thousands of people reinstate their drivers license for over a decade.  You can call or email us for a fast free quote at www.sr22-insurance-policies.com    866-663-7561.

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