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July 12, 2012

Florida SR22 Insurance

The state of Florida has announced they will continue to require 3 consecutive years of SR22 insurance coverage for certain offenders (FR44 insurance requirement remains the same, 3 years as well) Basically, this means anyone required to maintain Florida SR22 will stay on the original 3 year program.

10/20/10 liability limits must be maintained on a Florida insurance policy (with a vehicle OWNERS, or without a vehicle NON-OWNERS) to maintain compliance.  PIP, personal injury protection is only required when a vehicle is on the policy (OWNERS SR22 FL) With the non-owner SR22/FR44, no PIP is required, making the premium substantially lower.

An SR22 can be put in place in a matter of minutes over the phone, with paperwork sent via email/fax within 30 minutes to release your license.  At Wessell insurance, we provide coverage for any situation in Florida, as well as 40 other states.

Call 866-663-7561 for fast service…..

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