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April 17, 2015

FR44 Insurance 1-866-663-7561

What are the Florida FR44 Insurance limits?

When you are required by the state of Florida to have FR44 insurance due to driving under the influence (DUI), driving with a suspended license, or for any court order you must carry the highest liability insurance limits.  The state of Florida passed the legislation for the new FR44 form certificate of financial responsibility in 2008. The purpose of these higher limits is to protect the other drivers in the state of Florida and penalize the DUI convicted drivers.

The Florida FR44 Insurnace limits are 100/300/50:

• Coverage of $100,000 for bodily injury/death of one person
• Coverage of $300,000 for bodily injury/death of two or more persons
• Coverage of $50,000 for property damage

*It is important to remember the Florida FR44 Insurance limits are double the Florida SR-22 Insurance limits.  If you are required by the state to carry FR44 insurance and you purchase SR22 insurance you will not be in compliance with the state to get your license reinstated.

How long will I need insurance with such high limits?

In most situations in the state of Florida,  someone convicted of a DUI is required to carry FR44 insurance for three (3) consecutive years.  It is EXTREMELY important that you keep this policy in place without letting it lapse or cancel.  If the FR44 Insurance policy does lapse or cancel the state of Florida is notified automatically (SR26) by the insurance provider and your license is suspended immediately.  When this unfortunate situation occurs you have to start your three consecutive years of carrying the FR44 insurance again.

How can I get my policy started? 
In order to start your FR44 insurance policy you will need to get a quote.  To get the most accurate quote for an FR44 policy you will need to provide your name, date of birth, gender, married or single, address, drivers license number and the Florida case number (if available) given to you.  At this point we can run your information through our top rated carriers and give you the best FR44 insurance quote.

When can I start my policy?
We can set up and issue your FR44 Insurance policy the same day.  We also electronically file the FR44 with the state of Florida and provide you with the necessary paperwork to get your license reinstated that day.

Can I make monthly payment on the FR44 Insurance?
Part of the legislation passed in 2008 states that all persons that need an FR44 filing are required to pay the first 6 month of their insurance policy in FULL.  There are no exceptions to this law and it applies to every person required to have FR44 insurance and every insurance carrier that is licensed to sell FR44 insurance in the state of Florida.

Can I get FR44 Insurance for my motorcycle?
Yes, the state of Florida does allow FR44 filings to be on motorcycle policies.  As long as they have the state mandated FR44 liability limits of 100/300/50.

I need to get my license reinstated and need FR44 insurance but I don’t own a car?  
Unlike many insurance companies we are licensed to sell non owner FR44 insurance policies in the state of Florida.  A non owner FR44 policy can be one of the most economic ways to get your license reinstated.

Give our office a call and we can answer all your FR44 questions and help you get your license back today! 1-866-663-7561.

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