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August 25, 2020

How can i lower my insurance cost?

How can I lower my auto insurance rates?  There are many factors involved in determining auto insurance rates.  Some factors you cannot change such as age or sex.  Some cannot be changed easily like address, marital status.  However there are ways you can affect your own risk assessment.  All reputable insurance companies will check your Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) before binding a new policy.  Many insurance companies will examine 5 years of driving history.  Wessell Insurance Services SR22-insurance-policies.com preferred company will examine only 36 months of motor vehicle report.  A drivers’ driving record is probably the most influential factor when determining rates.  It is also completely controlled by the driver.  Safe, courteous driving involves a lifetime of good habits.  The reward for developing sound driving habits is the money you will save over your lifetime of driving and most important is the safety and well being of the driver, family and passengers.  First, don’t always be in a rush, speeding, excessive lane changing, running yellow lights do not save much time but greatly increase risk of accidents, tickets and safety of all drivers.  Being alert and courteous go a long way to improve driving habits.  Distracted driving is the most common and dangerous habit that everyone should improve.  Texting, calls and any use of cell phones without hands free device is illegal in many cities.  Cell phone use should be limited and only hands free when driving.  Adjusting the radio, using mirrors to check hair or apply makeup, searching for items, while the vehicle is moving are all dangerous practices which should be avoided.  Obviously drinking, taking drugs or prescription medication before driving should always be avoided.  Defensive driving requires staying alert, recognizing potentially dangerous situations and being ready to react can avoid accidents.  Inclement weather changes normal visibility and braking distances.  Adjust your speed and following distance to lower your risks.  Tailgating is very common and serves no purpose, leave suitable braking distance between youeself and vehicles in front of you.  The use of turn signals for turns and lane changes is so easy but is often not practiced, which puts drivers at higher risk.  Good driving habits make all drivers safer including, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians.  Driving without insurance, or without valid license can affect others not just the driver.  The SR22 is required for many violations, the SR-22 alone does not affect your insurance rates.  It is the violation/s which require the sr22 that influence the cost of your policy.  Creating and practicing sound driving habits is the best way to reduce your auto insurance costs.  It will save a lot of money and provide a better level of safety for you, your passengers and everyone you encounter on the road.

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