May 28, 2014


The state of Iowa has participated in the SR22 monitored insurance program for several years now.  In order to reinstate a suspended/revoked IA drivers license, you must take out and maintain a liability auto insurance policy.  The auto policy must be written to (at least) state minimum limits, with or without a vehicle.  The liability SR22 policy will be monitored by the state for a specific period of time to keep your license valid.

At WESSELL INSURANCE, we have helped literally thousands of Iowa drivers recover their drivers licenses.  We specialize in SR22 insurance , and can offer you 4 choices within the state of Iowa.

A non-owner SR22 will be the cheapest auto policy, reinstating the license and keeping it valid.  It will also give you liability insurance while you are driving a vehicle that you do not own.  A broad-form SR22 will be a bit more expensive.  It will do what a non-owner does, but also includes liability insurance while you are driving an owned vehicle.  An owners SR22 policy will be written as any other auto policy in IA, either lia only or full-coverage depending on your vehicle type.  A motorcycle/scooter SR22 policy for IA will be the cheapest overall… normally running $350/year or so for a liability scooter/moped policy.  This will cover your cycle, and also reinstate your regular drivers license to drive autos…. just supplies no useable auto coverage.

Call us at 866-663-7561, and we can show you in minutes how easy it is to get your license back…  We will email/fax your paperwork within 10 minutes to present at the DMV for release.

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