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December 2, 2014

Missouri SR22 Auto Insurance

Wessell Insurance is based in the state of MO, and we have been writing auto and home insurance here since 2005.  Sr22 insurance policies in Missouri is certainly our point of concentration.  More specifically, non-owner Missouri SR22 policies make up 80% of all auto policies sold here.  Whether you need to cover a vehicle, or just get your license reinstated because of an SR22 requirement, we can get it done.  Over 10 years, we have a perfect rating with the MO dept of insurance, and have literally helped thousands of drivers get back on  MO roadways.

The DMV based in Jefferson City, MO will be the entity to comply with during your SR22 requirement period.  The DMV will issue the requirements to reinstate your drivers license (usually an SR22 along with various fines, classes etc.), and how to go about presenting the items.  We will not be involved with other items on the list, but the SR22 will be handled directly from our office to the DMV for reinstatement.  A physical copy of the SR22 will also be drafted here in our office, and available to you fro presentation within minutes.  Local Missouri offices will accept the faxed/printed email SR22 that we provide to you for proof of coverage.  When you put your policy in place with us, it will be with a licensed MO insurance agent, and an A rated company. 

Missouri will allow you to use an owners-SR22, or non-owners SR22 policy to obtain your suspended drivers license.  Either policy will also remove any holds that MO may have on a license from another state as well.  SR22 policies can also be written on motorcycles and scooters to comply with the general SR22 license requirement.  As always, please call for details on all potential SR22 options.  The state gives us several ways to help a driver regain a valid license status, our job is to get you the lowest price for your situation.  The majority of the time, a non-owner MO SR22 policy will suffice, and will certainly be the cheapest and most discreet option.  

Normally, there will be a 3 year requirement to maintain an SR22 in Missouri.  As in all SR22 states, the policy is monitored by the state for the duration of your compliance period.  As long as the policy is kept in good order, your license will remain valid.  Any cancellation/lapse will result in suspension until the policy is restarted.  All of our policies include “text” reminders to keep you on track for payments, as well as mailed billing statements.  Getting an affordable SR22 policy in MO is easy, so call the in-state experts at   WESSELL INSURANCE




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