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June 9, 2015

Missouri SR22 Insurance

Missouri SR22 Insurance Information and Tips

In the state of Missouri SR22 Insurance is required for a number of violations.  But first, what is Sr22 Insurance?
The “SR” stand for “safety responsibility”, which is actually an endorsement or rider (also commonly called certificate) to an auto insurance policy.  This endorsement serves as proof to the state of Missouri that you have the legal liability insurance limits, meaning you have “safety responsibility”.  The liability insurance guarantees that you have the financial resources to pay for any damages you may cause to another individuals property or person.

Missouri SR22 Insurance is prepared by an insurance company and filed with the department of motor vehicles of Missouri (DMV).  This filing is the proof to the state that you have purchased an auto insurance policy with a SR22 rider.  The Missouri SR22 insurance policy is what is typically needed to get your drivers license reinstated in MO.  Please remember the SR22 by itself is not an actual insurance policy.

Typically, Missouri SR22 insurance is required when a driver has been convicted of a DUI, reckless driving, driving without insurance, or any other moving violation that resulted in a suspension of your drivers license.  The SR22 requirement is required regardless of if you own a vehicle or not.  In this case you would need to purchase a non owner insurance policy with an SR22 rider.  The insurance policy must stay in place for the time mandated by the state and if the policy lapses or cancels during this time period, the policy holders license is suspended until a new SR22 has been filed.

Needing a Missouri SR22 insurance policy can be overwhelming.  Give our office a call with any questions or concerns you have about sr22 insurance and how to get your Missouri drivers license reinstated. 636-614-4125

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