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November 5, 2014

“No car” SR22 insurance

Plenty of terms exist to describe the SR22 requirement to reinstate your license, when no car is present.  No-car insurance. non-owner SR22 insurance, cheap no auto SR22… Among others.  Basically, they all come down to 2 options around the country.

Named operator, or non-owner SR22 applies in states that do not offer a broad-form SR22 (explained next paragraph)  It is simply an auto insurance policy that will cover damages to property, and injury to people that you cause while driving a vehicle that you do not own.  An SR22 in endorsed on that to be monitored by the state for compliance.

Broad form SR22 is offered in some states as well.. Same description as the named-operator, but will also cover damages caused by “owned” vehicles as well.  Neither of the 2 policies will cover damages to the vehicle being driven by the insured..

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