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September 10, 2016

Non-Owner Car Insurance Explained

Non owner car insurance 

Non-owner car insurance, also commonly called non-owners insurance, no car auto insurance, and operator only insurance is a liability only insurance policy that covers drivers that do not have a 
car.  This liability only insurance serves as a secondary policy and kicks in only after the primary car insurance has reached it’s limits.  The non-owner car insurance covers damages to others 
in the event of an accident caused by the non car owner. Frequently people wonder who would need a non-owner policy, cost of non-owner insurance, and if it covers rental cars.

Who Needs Non-Owner Insurance?

The people that need non-owner auto insurance are people that do not own their own car, it is required by your state, you frequently borrow a friend’s car, your employer requires you to carry 
it to drive company vehicles, or you need a non-owner policy to get a sr22 filing to get your license reinstated. 

Cost of Non-Owner Car Insurance

Cost of non-owner vehicle insurance is determined the same way regular auto insurance is determined. Insurance rates are determined by your zip code, age, gender, married/single, and your driving 
record.  Let Wessell Insurance Services quote your no car / non owner car insurance needs. Call 1-866-663-7561.

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