December 5, 2013


Here at Wessell Insurance Services, we have been writing insurance for 9 years now.  The vast majority of our thousands of written policies have actually been non-owner SR22, or non-owner FR44 insurance.  The non-owner (named-operator) policy has been around for 15+ years now, but many people just don’t understand how it can be useful.  Well.. Here is my 30 second version……

A non-owner auto policy is insurance that will cover damage to property (PD), and injury to people (PI), while the policyholder is operating a personal auto that he/she does not own.  The vehicle being driven will never be fixed in an at-fault accident. but the damages caused by that vehicle will, up to policy limits.. normally state minimums.  The term “named-operator” is used in some states, same as non-owner in concept and coverage.  If you are an individual that does not own a vehicle, but occasionally borrows a car from family/friends, a non-owner insurance policy could be a good fit for you.

If you are required to maintain an SR22/FR44 to keep your license valid, The named-operator (non-owner) policy may be your only option, and will certainly be the cheapest.  The non-owner financial responsibility policy will qualify in any state requiring the filing.
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