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August 5, 2016

Non Owner SR22 Insurance

The SR22/FR44 program continues to be the main process to reinstate a suspended drivers license in most states.  When certain violations create a suspension/revocation situation, the SR22/FR44 is normally required to get the valid license back.  Basically, the state is offering a valid license in exchange for the ability to track the policy for compliance.  Any interruption in the policy will trigger an SR22 notice sent to the DMV, and normally re-suspends the license.  An insurance policy can be written to support an SR22/FR44 in many ways, the most popular is the NON-OWNER SR22 or NON-OWNER FR44.

A non-owner SR22/FR44 gives you liability coverage while you operate any vehicle that you do not own.  Like a traditional liability only policy, the non-owner will never fix the car you are driving, just the damage you cause to property, and injury to persons.  The non-owner (no car SR22) is normally the cheapest option, and vehicles can be added later.  Get your drivers license reinstated with a NON-OWNER SR22 insurance with WESSELL INSURANCE today!

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