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September 20, 2016

North Carolina DL123 form

In the state of North Carolina, you are required to have an auto insurance policy in order to obtain a NC drivers license.  The situations would include.. Getting a NC license for the first time (from a permit or ID)  Reinstating a suspended NC drivers license, or switching a license from another state (moved to NC from another state)  If you do not own a vehicle, then a NON-OWNER DL123 endorsed policy is required in lieu of a traditional OWNERS auto policy.  The insurance policy must be accompanied by a DL123 form (affidavit of insurance) to show the state in order to switch the license, or take the testing.  Basically, the DL123 form for NC guarantees the state that a liability insurance auto policy is written, to AT LEAST state minimum coverage for the listed driver.  With this documentation, a potential licensee can continue the process with the state.  Once the valid license is obtained, the driver is on his/her own to keep properly insured based on the driving situation.  At WESSELL INSURANCE, we can typically get the first month and DL123 policy in place for $135 or so (Non-owner)  This may be all that is required to complete the NC license/DL123 process.  Call us today.



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