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August 3, 2016

North Carolina DL123 insurance

When trying to obtain a drivers license in North Carolina, the state will require you to have liability auto insurance.  This liability policy can be with or without a vehicle (non-owner’s insurance) and must be accompanied by a DL123 form.  The DL123 is an guarantee of at least state minimum coverage, and is a separate certificate.  At Wessell Insurance, we issue DL123 non-owner policies daily, and they are typically $135 or so total.  This policy guarantees the state that you have minimum coverage for yourself while you take your testing to get your first license from a permit or ID card.  Also, moving a drivers license from a different state (you move to NC from another state) will require an auto policy (with or without a car) with a DL123 form.  Either way, we can get you licensed and covered in NC easily, with your DL123 printed in hand within 10 minutes.  Call us today. 

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