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April 30, 2015

North Carolina Non-Owner Insurance 1-866-663-7561

North Carolina Non-Owner Insurance

Wessell Insurance Services can get you a North Carolina non-owner insurance policy to get your drivers license for the first time, to get your drivers license reinstated, or if you have just moved to the state of North Carolina and need to get your North Carolina drivers license. 

Every one of our North Carolina insurance policies (NC owner policies and non-owner) are automatically issued with a form DL-123.  The DL-123 Form is required by the DMV to get your drivers license.  It serves as proof to the NC Department of Motor Vehicles that you have the liability insurance required by the state.  The DL123 is only good for 30 days from the date is issued.

Call our office today to get more information about getting your North Carolina non owner insurance and the form DL123.  We can help you get your drivers license the same day!

Wessell Insurance Services 1-866-663-7561.

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