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June 15, 2012

North Carolina Non-Owner Policy

In the state of NC, you must have an insurance policy in place to get your first drivers license (from a permit), or if you are moving into North Carolina from another state.  If you have a traditional policy with vehicles, that will do.  If you do not own a car, and still want a NC license, then a non-owner liability policy is what you need.  This will allow for a valid NC license.

The non-owner NC policy itself will provide coverage for damage to property, and injury to persons while operating a vehicle that you do not own.  Simply put, any car you do not own, you can drive and be assured coverage in the event of an accident.

The non-owner policy can be modified (endorsed) to include a vehicle any time.  The usual progression is to get a non-owner policy to comply for the license, and then add a vehicle later.  Our average monthly rate is around $45/month for the non-owner, that will increase to about $65/month with a liability auto added.  The payment date would remain the same, and no down pay is required at the time the car is added.

A DL123 form accompanies the non-owner policy; this needs to be presented to the DMV to take your testing, or change over to your new NC license from another state.  All the insurance documents, and the DL123 form are drafted in our office in about 15 minutes, and emailed/faxed to you within 25 minutes to be presented to the state.  Wessell insurance has sold hundreds of non-owner North Carolina insurance policies this year alone because we can produce paperwork quickly, and get a policy for anyone… Regardless of your license status!

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